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Delve into the Mysteries of Flying Trunk

Whether you seek a means to develop empathy, dear teacher, or to scale the dizzy heights of creative thinking, or to build on the foundations of joyful reading and writing, Flying Trunk puts on its academic cap and gown for you.

What can a Flying Trunk Experience look like in the classroom?
We’re happy you asked.

Our Correspondents are delighted to write to a class. The narratives they share are personalized to include every student.

Immersive Narratives Spark Wonder

Wonder fuels inspiration, inspiration drives creation, creation pushes the boundaries of thinking and provides a sandbox in which to play with skills such as writing, storytelling, deep reading, and the sheer joy of language. Many Stories offer doorways into Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, or a combination of these.

Stories for Kids by Mail

Personal Connection Encourages Engagement

Engagement leads to empathetic reading, responsiveness, imaginative experience, grappling with dilemma, opening the mind and heart to ethics and conundrums. Reading fiction is a proven path to expanded social skills. Our Correspondents offer these empathetic opportunities in spades.

Educational Stories for Kids

Artifacts Offer Tangible, Stimulating Evidence

Students engage differently when they are able to touch and hold, not simply see and hear. Artifacts become a classroom display that develops mailing by mailing, offering food for the imagination.

Childrens Stories for Education

A Guide accompanies each classroom Experience

This contains resources, reading lists, and suggestions for extension activities both academic and personal/social.

Experiences available for the classroom include:

The Rabbit Who Wanted an Egg
(Language Arts, Science, Personal/Social)

The Genie of the Pepperpot
(Language Arts, Geography, Math, Personal/Social)

The Flight of the Trumpeter
(Language Arts, Geography, Science, Personal/Social)

The Devil’s Name
(Language Arts, Science, Personal/Social)

Parents & Educators Agree

Any child of any age will be buoyed, delighted, and moved by these stories.

Karl S., Teacher in Ypsilanti, MI

Each box is greeted with more enthusiasm! Couldn't wait through dinner.

Carolyn N., Parent in Kailua, HI

We were all very pleased with the quality and content and we are all looking forward to the next episode.

Lindsey H., Parent in Ann Arbor, MI

The most creative gift I have ever given. My kids just adore the stories. They check the mailbox every day in anticipation.

Staycee L., Parent of 2 in Novi, MI

Your stories have inspired my daughter, and she is busy writing one herself!

Tanya L., Parent in Ann Arbor, MI

We were enchanted by the many layers of the story. Flying Trunk Stories are more than just stories; they are windows to the world.

Kristin H-P., Parent in Saline, MI

My children enjoyed the anticipation of the packages and talked about Roberta to everyone they encountered. They felt special to be involved and were very concerned and then thrilled for Roberta. They loved the treasures!

Beth L., Parent in Lynchburg, VA

My daughter has been loving her story! It has been a magical experience. As a parent, what I appreciated most was the story isn’t just magical and fun—it has layers, and it made her think and question. Thank you, Flying Trunk!

Abigail H., Parent in Ann Arbor, MI

Oh my goodness gracious did we ever have fun with the Postmistress from Flying Trunk Stories! This event made my heart soar!

Jenny M., Parent in Saline, MI

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The Postmistress at Flying Trunk

Joanna Hastings is both Author and Educator. It is said she was born with a pen in her hand, and also an uncanny ability to look into the souls of children and reach them on a personal level. For her, teaching and writing are not occupations or even lifelong passions; they are the essence of who she is. The Trunk is built from raw materials sustainably grown over a lifetime of practicing these arts, and the Stories that inhabit it are her brain-children. She oversees the Mailings from each Correspondent to your class which create richly layered Experiences for the students in your care.

Joanna Hastings Flying Trunk Stories

Questions & Answers

How can I order a Flying Trunk Experience for my classroom?

Please contact the Postmistress through the contact form on the Teachers' Page. We will be in touch.

Can a parent or PTO buy an Experience for a classroom?

Certainly! A Flying Trunk Classroom Experience is an ideal opportunity for deeply enriching, adventurous learning, especially in the arts of Language and Literature. As such it makes an inspiring gift for any classroom.

Do you list standards and benchmarks in the teacher’s packet you provide?

Not at this time. Not all States have the same standards, and parsing the differences is out of our scope.

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