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Erin B., Parent in Saline, MI

This was so magical for my children.  They waited every week for the next letter to arrive and listened intently as I read each one.  Getting mail is already an exciting experience but being a part of the story made them feel important and invested in what was happening.  They speculated what would happen next and made connections between the story and their own lives. The artifacts they received throughout were thoughtful and helped make the story real to them.  The final package was beyond my expectations! They were thrilled with each item, taking them out one at a time to admire them and “ooh” and “ahh” over the details. They immediately began building nests for their baby owls and have taken them everywhere feeling honored to be trusted with the responsibility of taking care of them.  

They will always remember the adventure they were a part of and continue to look for magic in the world, both of which are invaluable to me. I am so thankful that you and your stories exist. I am certain this will not be our last flying trunk experience!

Deborah L., Parent in Ann Arbor, MI

My daughter was mesmerized by Roberta Rabbit. We all eagerly looked forward to her letters and the beautiful treasures she sent. The experience sparked imagination, curiosity and a genuine love for a believable character, and the final mailing and surprise was perfect! Can’t wait for the sequel. I want to share Flying Trunk with all the children in my life! In addition to the snail mail, the email correspondence with the Postmistress was a delightful experience for me. A truly incredible gift to give!

Nancy E., Grandparent in Menasha, WI

“It’s just a really marvelous service that you are providing. There’s no screens involved at all. There’s sort of a magical essence to this storytelling that I think is sort of lost for a lot of kids; Flying Trunk Stories provides that for them. There’s not a lot of opportunities for kids to experience that kind of magic. I really appreciate that you include older kids, too. Middle schoolers, especially, are often overlooked in experiences like this; they still have that childlike spark in them that needs to be nurtured. You just can’t find stuff like this for that age group.”

Carolyn N., Parent in Kailua, HI

”My 10 year old just presented her dad with a handwritten, original poem, rolled up into a scroll and tied with a pretty ribbon. This is a girl with a bright mind and severe fine motor skill deficits. I’ve never seen her write something without prompting before.

Well done, Flying Trunk Stories! Now excuse me, I think I am going to go cry.”

Kristin H.P., Parent in Saline, MI

“We were so impressed by the story that our daughter received. Kids don’t often get mail of their own; our Anna loved receiving not just mail, but packages, every week. Every day, she would run to the mailbox to see if Roberta had sent another package. The experience of receiving letters with artifacts was magical; she was so engaged listening to every detail of Bobbie’s journey, while she turned her newest artifact over and over in her hands.

We adults were enchanted by the many layers of the story. Not only were we following Bobbie’s journey to find her egg, we were discussing why a rabbit would want an egg in the first place! Rabbits don’t lay eggs! This spurred conversation about what families look like (mom and dad, two moms, two dads, single parent etc.); how families are joined together (by birth or adoption); and how all families are bound by love. It was because of Bobbie’s letters that we were able to begin the discussion about family diversity in a developmentally appropriate way with our four-year-old. Flying Trunk Stories are more than just stories; they are windows to the world.”

Abby H., Parent in Ann Arbor, MI

“My daughter has been loving her story! It has been a magical experience. What I appreciated most was she was initially put off by the fact that Cinderella couldn’t spell. She realized over the course of the series that this was due to lack of education, not lack of intelligence. She then became the character’s champion! It opened her eyes to the injustices and judgments in the world and how they can be used to define and belittle people. The story isn’t just magical and fun—it has layers, and it made her think and question.”

My son loved it! After his second one he kind of pulled me aside and asked quietly, "do you really think a genie is sending me these letters?" I love that my big 10 year old wanted to believe. Thank you for providing him with some magic!

Meaghan S., Parent in St. Paul, MN

She loved it! Her mother and her both participated and had a ball. She opened up the last package with me and she was so excited. She absolutely loved it. I have to say it was quite the experience for her. I am so thankful.

Greg S., Grandparent in Escanaba, MI

My children enjoyed the anticipation of the packages and talked about Roberta to everyone they encountered. They felt special to be involved and were very concerned and then thrilled for Roberta. They loved the treasures!

Beth L., Parent in Lynchburg, VA

I wanted to let you know how much my daughter loved receiving her first episode of Ceridwen's tale. She was mesmerized, and cherished both the letter and artifacts. Thank you for this most special experience.

Mollie B., Parent in Ann Arbor, MI

My nephew was completely entranced. He bought into the magic of a beautifully-told story. I am sure this is an experience that will stay with him for the rest of his life.

Michele M., Aunt in Silver Spring, MD

I fellt so happy when I got the leter. My favrot gift was the sheep. I loved the story because it was exciting and misterious.

Jack H., Recipient, age 7 in London, UK

Oh my goodness gracious did we ever have fun with the Postmistress from Flying Trunk Stories! This event made my heart soar!

Jenny M., Parent in Saline, MI

It’s just a really marvelous service that you are providing. There are no screens involved at all. There’s a magical essence to this storytelling that I think is lost for a lot of kids; Flying Trunk Stories provides that for them. There are not a lot of opportunities for kids to experience this kind of magic.

Nancy E., Grandparent in Menasha, WI

My daughter really enjoyed the whole experience of receiving the stories. She really loved the objects too and they helped to flesh out the story for her. This was a a really nice gift and we appreciate the amount of care and effort that has gone into it.

Peter J., Parent in Norwich, UK

My daughter was obsessed from the first letter and it kept her captivated and excited all the way through to the end.

Stacyee L., Parent in Novi, MI

The personal attention is extraordinary! Thank you for this beautiful, creative program.

Sara G., Grandparent in Denver, CO

Your stories have inspired my daughter, and she is busy writing one herself!

Tanya L., Parent in Ann Arbor, MI

It made me feel SO special.

Juliana L., Recipient, age 10 in Novi, MI

Each box is greeted with more enthusiasm! Couldn't wait through dinner.

Carolyn N., Parent in Kailua, HI

An extraordinary gift—they loved them!

Sarah S., Parent in Manhattan, MT

My daughter read it this morning to great delight tinged with sadness that it was the final story. She just loved the gifts.

Karl S., Parent in Ypsilanti, MI

My son really enjoyed the story. He loved getting packages in the mail. We read the last letter before bed, and he insisted on sleeping with Bobby Bunny all night.

Jennie A., Parent in Ann Arbor, MI

It is really amazing to see the wheels turning in my daughter’s mind and the imagination and wonder that is sparked through the stories and letters.

Deborah L., Parent in Ann Arbor, MI

It made me feel like I was in a book or a movie.

Lindsay B., Recipient, age 14 in Ann Arbor, MI

I can’t imagine a better gift for a child.

William J., Uncle in Halifax, UK

My son is captivated by his mail delivery. He read it straight through from beginning to end and then searched on my phone to map the journey. Thank you so much!

Karen P., Parent in Ann Arbor, MI

My daughter’s response after reading the first letter? “Mom, this is so freaking cool!”

Lisa J., Parent in Ann Arbor, MI

The story was funny, scary and happy. I was excited to get the letters and I loved the toys.

Sophie H, Recipient aged 4 in London, UK

My son ran — ran! — out to the mailbox to check for a letter from the genie. He was so excited to find his package. He loved it. ❤️

Kristin H., Parent of 2 in Saline, MI

My son has been completely smitten with the story and has been polishing his genie lamp every single night before bed.

Stacyee L., Parent in Novi, MI

My daughter loved it! She started sneaking them to read on her own.

Valerie M., Parent in Miami, FL

I want 100 stories.

Miles F., Recipient, age 5 in Ann Arbor, MI

My five-year old granddaughter loved her letters from Bobby Bunny. She treasures each item sent with them and keeps them safe and sound in the lovely box they first came in—a great child’s gift!

Christine R., Grandparent in Ann Arbor, MI

It is a really joyful event, getting a package like this in the mail! This was a delightful experience for my son, and our whole family, for that matter. We will certainly be doing this again!

Karen P., Parent in Ann Arbor MI

So great! It’s been super fun.

Linda S., Parent in Bainbridge Island, WA

I have gifted three stories now, and I absolutely adore this concept and the joy that your gorgeous works have produced in the kids who have been enveloped in the stories you have created for them!

Eric B., Uncle in Ann Arbor, MI

We loved the story and so did our son. He's thought and thought about it and I think is still thinking about it, so it is the gift that keeps on giving.

Angela M., Parent in Copenhagen, Denmark

My kids loved the story! My daughter is now even toying with changing her name to Lucy, that's how much she loved it. :) They loved the black cats and the different artifacts you sent, and the story was just the right amount of spookiness!!! They were laughing all throughout.

Jennie A., Parent of 2 in Ann Arbor, MI

The writing is incredible...she should be a major author.

Liz K., Parent in Wayne, MI

This has truly been one of the best gifts they have ever received. Hands down.

Casaundra F., Parent in Detroit, MI

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