A Flying Trunk Party Experience

The Magic of Flying Trunk in your Home

Flying Trunk parties are perfect for any occasion — birthdays, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, or any holiday or get-together where you are looking for an extra glow of enchantment. Celebrate a new home or a child’s landmark achievement, or simply bring friends together and create bonds of shared fun.

The Postmistress will come to you!

Parties include a customized Story Experience, personalized to your group, complete with a small artifact for every guest and a special parcel for the birthday child/guest of honor if appropriate. The Postmistress brings her dramatic flair to read the letter aloud, sharing artifacts in context, and caps it with a fun activity based in the theme of the Experience. Your guests will be transfixed by the Story, thrilled to hear the Correspondent refer to them by name, and enchanted by the artifacts they get to keep as personal gifts from their new magical friend.

Prices vary as details are flexible and will be created by the Postmistress according to your needs. Contact her through the form at the bottom of this page.

Also receive a 10% discount on any mailed Story Experience when you have a Flying Trunk Party for your child! (Cannot be combined with other offers.)

Southeast Michigan only. Travel fees may apply.

The Postmistress

The Flying Trunk Postmistress is also an actor, teacher, and author. She brings her creative skills, her knowledge of children, and her access to the magic of the Flying Trunk characters to bring your party into a world of imagination.

The Occasion

The Trunk has Experiences for every occasion! Talk to the Postmistress about your special day. Whether your theme is spooky or sweet, there will always be some whimsical enchantment to bring it to life.

The Guests

Every child is special in a Flying Trunk Party Experience. The Postmistress will work with you to make sure all your guests are honored in the Story, and that the birthday child or guest of honor (if there is one) is given that extra touch of magic. Gifts for each child may be an authentic, vintage Lucky Penny, a Magic key, a travel-size Crystal Ball, a walnut shell Fairy Boat, or some other small artifact consistent with the Story. A larger gift for a birthday child will be chosen with your input.

Stories and Activities

A Flying Trunk Party Experience will typically be based on one of our existing Story Experiences, whether you are looking for fairies, pirates, ghosts, wizards, dragons, princesses, or the world of the Genie. The Postmistress is open to creating a whole new Experience if you have a different theme in mind. Talk to her! Activities will be focused on the Story theme, and may include a magical dance, a small craft, a fortune-telling, or a treasure hunt — the Postmistress will work out the details with you.

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Oh my goodness gracious did we ever have fun with the Postmistress from Flying Trunk Stories! This event made my heart soar!

Jenny M., Parent in Saline, MI

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