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We now offer two levels of Story Experience:

Letter Post: a sequence of personalised letters in envelopes accompanied by objects and clues. Your child will believe that a magical creature is writing to them, and treasure the artefacts that bring the Story to life.

Parcel Post: magical purple boxes contain personalised ribboned scroll letters and extraordinary artefacts nestled in velvet pouches. An enchanting and unique gift.

Flying Trunk Story Experiences are extraordinary, magical, joyful gifts for kids from 4–16+. They are screen-free, interactive, individually curated, and personalised to each child.

The Experience

Flying Trunk Experiences are original, interactive stories told through a series of personalised letters and artefacts from a fictional character.

Stories for Kids by Mail

The Letters

The fictional Correspondent of the Experience writes personally to your child. High-quality writing presents believable characters and exciting adventures. Letters are chapter-length, and arrive weekly.

Learning Stories for Kids by Mail

The Correspondents

Joanna Hastings (the Postmistress) is the actual author of all these Stories, but it seems as though a magical creature or an adventurous explorer writes to your child. Children enjoy writing back! Correspondents love getting mail, and always respond in their next letter.

The Artefacts

Flying Trunk artefacts add another layer of magic. They offer evidence or clues—they make the story real.  Letter Post objects might be a piece of an old map, a feather, or an antique handkerchief. A Parcel Post object might be a Genie lamp, an abalone shell, or a treasure from a dragon’s hoard.

The Benefits

Flying Trunk Experiences spark extraordinary delight in children, but that’s not all. Underlying themes such as Cooperation or Justice encourage your child to think, empathize, and learn. Experiences are screen-free, and the arrival of each package offers delightful opportunities for family sharing. What special joy did you and your child get from your Experience? We’d love to hear.

Interested in Flying Trunk for the Classroom?

Educators! Each Experience is an opportunity to inspire a love of reading and writing in all your students. Along the journey there are jump-off points into science and maths, social studies and personal/social development. Want to learn more? Take a look.

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Each box is greeted with more enthusiasm! Couldn't wait through dinner.

Carolyn N., Parent in Kailua, HI

It made me feel SO special.

Juliana L., Recipient, age 10 in Novi, MI

My son is enjoying this birthday gift so much!  It is his private tale that he treasures and looks forward to -- couldn't recommend it more highly!

Karen P., Parent of 2 in Ann Arbor, MI

My five-year old granddaughter loved her letters from Bobby Bunny. She treasures each item sent with them and keeps them safe and sound in the lovely box they first came in—a great child’s gift!

Christine R., Grandparent in Ann Arbor, MI

I fellt so happy when I got the leter. My favrot gift was the sheep. I loved the story because it was exciting and misterious.

Jack H., Recipient, age 7 in London, UK

My daughter read it this morning to great delight tinged with sadness that it was the final story. She just loved the gifts.

Karl S., Parent in Ypsilanti, MI

I can’t imagine a better gift for a child.

William J., Uncle in Halifax, UK

It made me feel like I was in a book or a movie.

Lindsay B., Recipient, age 14 in Ann Arbor, MI

My daughter loved it! She started sneaking them to read on her own.

Valerie M., Parent in Miami, FL

She loved it! Her mother and her both participated and had a ball. She opened up the last package with me and she was so excited. She absolutely loved it. I have to say it was quite the experience for her. I am so thankful.

Greg S., Grandparent in Escanaba, MI

My nephew was completely entranced. He bought into the magic of a beautifully-told story. I am sure this is an experience that will stay with him for the rest of his life.

Michele M., Aunt in Silver Spring, MD

When are more stories coming?

Sabine L., Recipient, age 9 in Ann Arbor, MI

My children enjoyed the anticipation of the packages and talked about Roberta to everyone they encountered. They felt special to be involved and were very concerned and then thrilled for Roberta. They loved the treasures!

Beth L., Parent in Lynchburg, VA

We were enchanted by the many layers of the story. Flying Trunk Stories are more than just stories; they are windows to the world.

Kristin H-P., Parent in Saline, MI

My daughter has been loving her story! It has been a magical experience. As a parent, what I appreciated most was the story isn’t just magical and fun—it has layers, and it made her think and question. Thank you, Flying Trunk!

Abigail H., Parent in Ann Arbor, MI

My son loved it! After his second one he kind of pulled me aside and asked quietly, "do you really think a genie is sending me these letters?" I love that my big 10 year old wanted to believe. Thank you for providing him with some magic!

Meaghan S., Parent in St. Paul, MN

The personal attention is extraordinary! Thank you for this beautiful, creative program.

Sara G., Grandparent in Denver, CO

I have gifted three stories now, and I absolutely adore this concept and the joy that your gorgeous works have produced in the kids who have been enveloped in the stories you have created for them!

Eric B., Uncle in Ann Arbor, MI

Onex, your a graeet story telar! I like you becas your a cat. You ar cute.

Ritika N., Recipient, age 6, in Ypsilanti, MI

Bless you for bringing so much joy to so many. Your creativity is amazing. ❤️

Lora C., Grandparent in Crossville, TN

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The Postmistress at Flying Trunk

Joanna Hastings is both Author and Educator. It is said she was born with a pen in her hand, and also an uncanny ability to look into the souls of children and reach them on a personal level. For her, teaching and writing are not occupations or even lifelong passions; they are the essence of who she is. The Trunk is built from raw materials sustainably grown over a lifetime of practicing these arts, and the Stories that inhabit it are her brain-children. She oversees the Mailings from each Correspondent to your child which create your unique Experience. Contact Joanna at

Joanna Hastings Flying Trunk Stories

Questions & Answers

Is it possible to make an international order?

Yes. We will soon have automatic options for you, but at present please contact the Postmistress through the form below, and we will arrange your order.

How can I order a Flying Trunk Experience for my classroom?

Please contact the Postmistress through the contact form on the Teachers' Page. We will be in touch.

Are all the artifacts pre-owned?

At Flying Trunk we pride ourselves on providing authentic evidence for our Correspondents’ adventures. This means that by far the majority of our artifacts is old, used, possibly battered, having been through the rigors of a fully lived life. This is part of what makes every Experience unique. There are exceptions: soft toys, when used, are typically a gift from the Correspondent rather than evidence of an event, and as such are newly crafted. Shells, feathers, and other such items have typically been used only by their original owner (and have been cleaned and sterilized).

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