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Stories by Mail for Children

Roberta Rabbit’s First Letter

Curious about Bobby Bunny? Read her first letter to a delightful child named June.

Clump of Tall Grass

The Hillside

Rabbit Island

My dearest June,

My name is Roberta Rabbit. Most people call me Bobby Bunny, or just Bobby for short. I’m writing to you because I know you are a kind person. I need your help.

This is the situation. I want an egg. I want a baby bunny to run with and play with up and down the hillside. All I have now to play with are sheep.

If I had an egg, I would snuggle it and cuddle it in a grassy nest. I would keep it warm and dry and safe. Then it would hatch, and there would be a baby. We would run and play up and down the hillside. I have to get hold of an egg.

So this morning I lippety-lolloped down to the creekside and whispered a question to the water. “Where can I find an egg?” I asked. The babbling stream said, “Follow me down to the ocean. Fish lay eggs.”

That very same minute I hippety-hopped along the creek, down to the ocean shore. There, by a rocky island a little way out to sea, I saw a whale, an abalone, and a scaly fish, chatting and passing the time of day.

“Oh, oh, oh!” I said. Then I shouted across the water as loud as my lungs would let me, “Please, oh please, will you give me one of your eggs?”

Well, the whale laughed so hard that water came out of her blowhole in a big jet. The abalone giggled till it fell off its rock.

“I don’t lay eggs,” sang the whale across the water. “My children are born ready to swim. How could an egg stay with me as I travel around the ocean?”

I looked at the abalone, but it was much too small to have a good egg for me. Then I looked at the fish. She was a nice-sized fish with shiny scales, and she swam towards me through the water.

“Please, oh please,” I said to her, “Will you give me one of your eggs?”

“Of course,” said the fish, “I have plenty. Come with me. Let’s see if we can find one.”

Well, dear June, that was the strangest thing I’ve ever done. I hopped into the water and began to swim. The fish swam ahead, calling me on. Close to the island, she dove down deeper. I took a deep breath and dove down too.

“I think this is where I left them,” she burbled through the water. But there were no eggs to be seen. I saw waving weeds and little seahorses. I saw creatures like ribbons and stars and pincushions, orange and purple and green. But not a single egg.

I swam back up to the surface. The fish came too. “I’m so sorry,” she said. “I’m sure that was where I left them. Thousands and thousands of them. But fish eggs, you know, they drift around. They do their own thing. I may never see them again.”

“What about the babies?” I asked.

The fish looked surprised. “They’ll be fine,” she said. “When they hatch they’ll take care of themselves. They don’t need me.”

Well, that’s not the kind of egg I want. I want an egg I can snuggle and cuddle in a grassy nest. I want a baby who will run and play with me on the hillside.  I said “Thank you very much,” to the fish, and started to swim back to shore.

That’s when the shark came. Oh my word! I swam my fastest but the shark was faster. He was about to bite off my tail when the whale arrived. She chased the shark off – Splish! Splash! It was all quite a shock.

The fish and the abalone came out from behind the rock where they were hiding. They all saw me safely to shore and watched me dry myself off in the sun. Then they each gave me a gift – so kind – and we waved goodbye.

The whale gave me a purple whale—my favorite color! The fish gave me a fish with shimmery, glimmery scales. The abalone gave me an old shell it wasn’t using any more. “These are for good luck,” they told me.

I send all these gifts to you, dear June, to keep them safe.

It was late, and the sun was setting. I still needed an egg. I called out to the sun with its flaming colors, all red and yellow and gold. “Where can I find an egg?” I asked.

“Dragons lay eggs,” said the sun, “Follow me,’ and it sank under the horizon.

So I sat down to write you this letter, dear June. Now I must go on a journey under the horizon to find a dragon. A dragon! You thought a shark was scary? A dragon is bigger than a shark and also I heard they breathe fire. That’s a lot for a small bunny like me. But I must find an egg.

The gifts I have sent you are good luck gifts. I need all the good luck I can get. Please keep them safe. Think about me. I will write again to let you know how it goes.


Bobby Bunny

P.S. I have sent you my portrait so you can see what I look like. I am a brown bunny. I think you have brown hair too! Maybe we are related?