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A Letter from Onyx

Interested I n learning more about Onyx the Kitten’s writing style? Here is an extract from the letter Onyx writes after he and Lucy the Pumpkin meet the Ghost:


A Ghost appeared, right in front of us. He was wispy! He was white! He had big dark eyes and flowing robes.

I pounced! I pounced right through him. I landed on the sidewalk on my nose. It was as if there was nothing there!

“HAhaHAhaHahaHA!” laughed the Ghost. “It’s no use trying to pounce on ME, little Kitten. I am incorporeal.”

Well, that was a word I had never heard before.

“I don’t have a body,” explained the Ghost. “I can be seen when I want to be seen, because my energy is strong and powerful. But you can’t touch me, and you can’t hold me, and you certainly can’t pounce on me. You don’t scare me, Kitten.”

He turned to Lucy.

“As for you, Pumpkin,” he said, “This house is toast, you know that? I’ll spook it till it falls down. I’ll put bats in the bedsheets and boggarts in the bathtub. You don’t have a hope.”

“I won’t let you,” said Lucy. “I am just a small Pumpkin and my nature is friendly, but I have a job to do and I will find a way to do it. I’m smarter than I look. Watch out, Ghost.”

“You’re a joke,” said the Ghost.

I hissed at him. He looked at me.

“What are you going to do, Kitten?” he said. “Pounce on me again? Come on then, Just try it! You’ll hurt your little nose. You’ll never catch me!  Bodiless Me! Incomparable, Incredible, Incorporeal ME!”

I hissed again. “I will bite you with my white teeth,” I said. “I am Onyx, the Great and Terrible, and my teeth are very sharp.”

“Bite me, then,” said the Ghost. “Go on. I don’t care. You’ll get a mouthful of moonlight, nothing more. Biting is for bodies. Even Vampires don’t scare me, with their silly pointy teeth.” He flitted around on the sidewalk. “Wooooo! Wooooooo!” he wailed. “I am the scariest Creature of the Night! I am incorporeaaaaaal!”