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Rose the Rose Fairy Writes a Letter

Meet Rose the Rose Fairy! Here is part of her first letter to a young girl called Nora. (Nora has a favorite doll named Betsy.)

Dear Nora! Oh, dear sweet darling Nora!

I met a doll yesterday. She told me all about you. She says you are a kind human. She loves you more than anyone in the whole world. Her name is Betsy.

Betsy says you are a good friend. Will you be my friend? I need help. I hope you will be the one to help me!

My name is Rose. I am a Rose Fairy, and I live in a rosebud in a magic Garden. I have red roses and white ones, pink ones and orange ones too.

I need help, Nora! I am a fairy, and I can do some things really well. I can make roses grow. I can fly little distances, like a butterfly. I can look into people’s hearts and see if they are kind and helpful, like you.

But I can’t do everything.

The Garden where I live is full of owls. Some fairies have a special owl who is their friend forever. I hope someday I will have a special owl to be my friend.

But that will never happen if the Garden is destroyed. Dear Nora, all the flowers are in danger.

This afternoon my friends and I were dancing in our garden. It was a magic dance to bring sunlight so that the flowers would be happy. The sun shone! Everything was good.

There was a flapping of wings! A whirl of color! A huge, beautiful bird landed in a bed of violets. Its feathers were gold and orange and red.

We all stopped dancing to look at it. It looked back at us. “I am the Phoenix,” it said in a scratchy voice. “You may bow to me.”

Of course we all bowed. It was beautiful! The Phoenix! I thought I would burst with excitement.

“Excuse me,” I said, “I have never seen a Phoenix! Are they all beautiful like you?

Oh, Nora, it was so angry! “ALL PHOENIXES?” it squawked. “ALL? There is only one Phoenix, and that is me! I am the only Phoenix that ever was!”

Then it calmed down a bit. “You can’t help it.” it said, kindly. “You are just a little flower fairy. But today is your lucky day! You get to help me reincarnate.”

I didn’t even know what that word meant.


“Yes. Don’t you know anything? Oh, you make me so tired. I am the Phoenix, the only Phoenix in the world! When my body gets old, like now, I have to make it new again. I keep reincarnating, every thousand years or so. I need to do it again right now.”

I looked at the Phoenix. Its golden feathers were turning grey, and its tail was drooping. But we could make it young again! Pink rose light shone out of me and I did a little dance.

“What can we do to help?” I asked. All the other fairies danced too, and said, “Yes! Yes! We will do anything you need us to do!”

“I need to make a fire,” said the Phoenix. “A wonderful, extraordinary, magical fire.”

We all held our breath. Fire, in the Garden?

“I will go into the fire,” said the Phoenix, “because I am the Phoenix! For me, a wonderful, extraordinary, magical fire is like a warm bath. I get in. It washes away my old, tired body. When I get out again I am new!”

“A fire?” I asked.

“Yes,” it said in its scratchy voice.. “Don’t argue. I am going to take a look around.”

And with that, it raised its wings and rose slowly into the air.

“It gets harder every time!” it croaked. “I am truly an old Phoenix!”

Then it flew away across the Garden. Feathers dropped from it as it flew. It really does need a new body, Nora. I can see that.

We fairies watched it go. Then we gathered together to talk.

“A fire in the Garden? What will the owls think?” said Daisy.

“What if the flowers get too hot?” asked Lily.

“Perhaps it will be a very small fire,” I said, hopefully.

“The Phoenix is beautiful!” sighed Violet. “I don’t even mind that it squishes my violets.”

“We promised we would help,” I said.

“Yes,” they all agreed. “We promised.”

The Phoenix came back. Oh, it was tired. It flumped down onto the violets again. “I will be glad to get my new body,” it said. “The good news is, everything I need is right here in this Garden.”

Then it said terrible words.

“We will burn the flowers,” it said.


What will happen next, dear reader? Will the Phoenix burn the precious magical flowers? What will Rose the Rose Fairy do?